5 Reasons Why You Should Use Sex Toys, by Emma London

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Sex Toys

Either in partner or solo sex, sex toys are a great addition.

Adding sex toys to your sexual encounter is, as everything in sex, a personal choice. However, if you never tried it, I recommend you to consider it.

Sex toys will boost your sex life; they will offer you a new range of sensations and increase the complicity, intimacy and fun with your partner.

The main reason to use sex toys should always be because you want it. Reading about the wonders sex toys do to your sex life is great, but you should try them only if you’re ready and curious enough.

Contrarily, you shouldn’t stop yourself from using sex toys because of stigmas, social or moral pressures.

Your sex life should be commanded only by your desire. In sex nothing is wrong. As long as safe, sane and consensual, of course.

Some people might feel insecure when their partner uses sex toys; they feel they are not “good enough in bed”, that their partner prefers or needs a toy to achieve orgasm.

Despite there are some cases where this can happen (which asks for a specific approach to the matter), usually, sex toys are merely a complement to the sexual encounter, they aren’t a replacement of a sexual partner.

There’s a big range of sex toys, and the use is diverse. But one thing they all stimulate: your sexual desire and your senses; they spice your relationship.

5 reasons to use sex toys

1. Change of routine

Sexual novelty is one way to bring the spark back to your relationship, to rekindle the flame that once burned high.

Sex toys are one great way to break the routine in your relationship and on your sex life.

There’s a large range of sex toys, either vibrating, static, remote-controlled; for anal play, to impact or temperature play, to stimulate the clitoris… There so many and so different.

You can try a remote-controlled sex toy. You and your partner will certainly have an unforgettable, fun time. The one using it will never know when they will receive a surprising — and, eventually, a public — vibration!

You can, for example, use edible underwear and offer yourself to your partner; I’m sure you will both have a delicious time.

Open your mind and try new challenges and different ways of pleasure-receiving!

2. Self-knowledge

Sex toys will help you navigate through your body, to explore self-pleasure and pinpoint your erogenous zones in a way your fingers don’t.

The clitoris, for example, is an area that reacts more to vibration, so using a bullet vibrator will give you a different and more pleasant sensation than the one you have using your fingers.

If you enjoy being stimulated in several places at once (perhaps to go for a blended orgasm), and you are masturbating, you will definitely need help from sex toys, like nipple clamps while you stimulate your genitals or a butt plug, or a vibrator.

Also, you can explore your lover’s body using sex toys.

For example, I love to masturbate my partner by using my hands and the magic wand placed below his balls. The vibration covers all his genitalia and stimulates his perineum and anus; he loves it.

Sex toys will help you explore your body and your lover’s body, guiding you through the discovery of all your erogenous zones.

Having good self-knowledge of your body and pleasures is paramount for a healthy and fulfilled sex life.

You must know yourself to know what gives you pleasure. Also, to be able to communicate with your lover your preferences — this is the only way for your partnered sex to be as pleasurable as possible.

3. Feeds creativity and fantasies

Sex toys will help you develop your sexual creativity and to materialise fantasies; they will enrich your sexual experiences.

Talking about sex and sharing fantasies also bonds couples; deepens the intimacy and makes you feel better about yourself — truly accepted and valued.

4. More intense orgasms

Over 70% of women don’t orgasm with penetration only, they also need clitoral stimulation.

A bullet vibration, a wand, or a cock ring increases the chances of a woman to orgasm.

Also, because it triggers blended orgasms (a vaginal and clitoral orgasm, simultaneously), sex toys help you have more intense orgasms — and often long-lasting ones.

This is valid both for women and men, if they engage, for example in anal play.

5. Novelty in sex

I wish I had discovered sooner about the amazing variety in the sex toys industry. For a long time, I only played with vibrators, dildos, kegel balls and “naughty” lingerie. Then my world opened…

There is a large range of sex toys, some of them delivering a certain level of pain. But you are always in control of your pleasure, and that you use sex toys as you please.

My sex toys collection now includes a magic wand, vibrators, pinwheels, butt plugs, nipple clamps, whips, floggers, feathers, handcuffs, ropes, dildos and candles.

I’m a confessed kinkster, and I like pain-pleasure. However, I use kinky sex toys adjusted to my preferences. I love to be flogged, but I hate the cane; I love wax play, but I’m not a fan of ice play; I love electrosex, but only in specific places of my body.

You are in control of your pleasure. Sex toys give you the power to explore it and potentialise it.

Sex toys bring novelty to your relationship, and they are an amazing way to offer you extreme pleasure and to explore your body in ways that, without them, doesn’t happen.

Explore the offer and try a few different sex toys, you might be (deliciously) surprised!

Using sex toys, you will discover a new range of sensations and pleasures; a new way to connect to your partner and to have fun. Sex toys will help you both to increase your sexual pleasure.

Talk to your partner and, together, explore what you wish to try.

Take this chance to deepen your conversations about sex: your desires and fantasies, what you’d like to try. Be receptive to your partner’s suggestions as well.

Sex toys improved my sex life incredibly. I continue to have sex without them, of course, but now my partner and I have so much more options! We choose the type of pleasure we want to receive.

Sex toys were undoubtedly an exciting addition to my sex life. I hope the same happened to you. If not, give it a try!

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