An After-Dinner Fuck In the Forest, by Emma London

An After-Dinner Fuck In the Forest

I asked what was the dessert. It was a treat, but not an edible one.

My partner, Mr P, is a pleaser. We both are, and because I have more to explore in sex than he does, he often offers me new experiences.

When we started dating and talking about our sexual adventures, he shared with me his love for fucking outdoors. With some regret, I told him that, besides doing it in cars, I never had sex outside the house or hotels. I wish I had been more sexually daring in my past.

Knowing that I’m up to almost anything, one day, Mr P. baptised me in outdoor sex.

I spent that weekend at his place; we had no other plans but to enjoy each other’s company, whatch movies and fuck. A good old lazy weekend.

I arrived on Saturday at mid-morning. We had sex, ate a light lunch, and then fell asleep watching a movie in the living room. When we woke up, we went up to his bedroom and played with his floggers, whips and crops, me as a receiver. After enjoying brutal orgasms, we rested again.

At this point, Mr P.’s house was messy, with sex toys and clothes spread around the living room and the impact toys, lub and vibrators (yes, plural) all over the bed and floor.

For me, messy rooms after sex are an indicator of fun, horny sex. I always have a kinky pleasure looking at the traces me and my lover leave behind.

After cooking dinner together — with a soft playlist playing and chatting about our week — we ate in the living room, without tidying up anything. It was sexy as it was.

Every time we looked around and our eyes crossed, we smiled in complicity. I love talking without words.

After dinner, and because Mr P. always has a treat for us, I asked him: “What’s for dessert?”

His reaction intrigued me, but hearing his words caused a chill in my spine. I knew something hot was about to happen the moment he threw me my shirt and my jeans and said: “Get dressed.”

When I started looking for my panties, he ordered: “You won’t need them. Dress that and your boots.”

If I had any doubts, now I knew he was up to something exciting. We didn’t exchange another word for a long time.

Mr P. also got dressed, and when we were done, he held my hand and we left the house.

We walked in silence for about five minutes, towards a familiar place: a small forest, where I walk my dog when every time we stay over.

I guess I realised what was going to happen when my lover told me to get dressed apart from panties. But I only had the certainty when we walked into the forest, at ten pm. It was dark and cold. It was scary, but it was so fucking exciting!

Mr P. never let go of my hand, and he never said a word while we walked.

I couldn’t resist in letting go of a giggle when I was sure of his plans. I did it while we were passing under a street lamp — it lightened up his horny, radiant face, acknowledging I was happy with the surprise he had prepared.

Expectations are part of the thrill; they are an ingredient of the sexual vibe.

When we entered the forest, my heart was racing. The adrenaline running in my veins was making me horny, hunger for my man. As I know it was doing the same for him.

We kept walking, now at a faster pace — maybe because of the darkness, maybe because my lover was in a hurry to fulfil his desire.

After walking about five minutes into the forest, and turning right to a part where it’s discreetly illuminated by the lights of a local factory, Mr P. slowed down our walking pace.

I was nervous, I’m a chickenshit, I’m afraid of everything. But, at the same time, I was so horny. I was about to have my first outdoor fuck; in my favourite place of all: in nature.

Mr P. stopped us at a gigantic tree. The factory’s lights gave us a nice ambience. In a husky voice, he said: “turn your back to me.” I obeyed without blinking.

Placing my hands in the large tree trunk, I felt the icy hands of my lover running down my thighs, dragging my trousers with them. He kicked my feet to the side to open my legs apart.

With no touching or kissing, he put his cock inside me. Hw was hard as fuck; I was all wet. The thrill of the event was enough to arouse us — the silent walk was our foreplay.

Mr P. fucked me from behind, in an intense, fast rhythm; we were both hunger for it. But then, I noticed something — something that I thought if it ever happened it would hold me back. However, it made me hornier.

While my lover was thrusting inside me, I looked around; mainly to make sure we were alone. It was then that I saw it: a CCTV camera turned to our direction.

I said out loud, “there’s a CCTV camera pointed at us!”, but that didn’t bother my lover. He kept fucking me, saying, “we are covered by the branches”. It was true, hardly anyone would see us where we were.

But having a CCTV camera pointed at me while having sex gave a different excitement. In my mind, I created a scenario that someone was seeing me being fucked by my lover.

To give a better show to my potential viewer(s), I told Mr P. to grab my hair — that way my face was visible (and I was having the extra pleasure of having my hair pulled, which I love so much.)

Mr P. didn’t take much to cum, he was horny as fuck. The scene, his intensity and desire for me made me crazy horny. I also came hard, with his post-orgasm spasms.

We pulled our jeans up, and I turned my body to him. We kissed while laughing out loud. It was a mix of fun and pleasure; a sensation of belonging to each other.

My relationship is growing in a slow, delicious in-depth pace. We are romantic, but we’re also kinksters, pursuing our sexual desires, in whatever form they come.

I’m very grateful to have found a partner that cares for my sexual happiness as much as I care for his.

Of course, our relationship is not all about sex, but sex is an important part of it. I don’t believe you can have a fulfilled happy relationship if you don’t have a fulfilled happy sex life.

My sexual happiness is made of many things, but the surprises my lover prepares for us are a gold mine.

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