ElectroSex: The Sensual Power of Electricity., by Emma London

ElectroSex: The Sensual Power of Electricity.

Pleasure delivered in low charge electrical shocks

If you told me days ago that electric shocks are sexy, I’d say you’re crazy. But here I am today, not only writing about my experience with electrosex but also thinking how much I want to try it again. And again…

In this piece, I’ll tell you what electrosex is, which devices are used, and my experience with it.

I trust that anyone can have a great time with electrosex, even those who have a low pain threshold. E-stim devices (e-stim for “electrical stimulation”) deliver low charge shocks, so you and your partner will have full control of the power you send to the body.

What is Electrosex

As the name suggests, electrosex is the act of using electricity for sexual pleasure. But, of course, we aren’t talking about putting wet fingers in electric sockets, not even close.

Electrosex is done with a device that delivers low charge electric shocks, and you control its intensity.

Electrosex doesn’t seem to be a common practice, there’s not much blogging about it nor could I find scientific data on the topic (unlike other topics on kinky sex).

As much as the thought of having electrical shocks on your body can make you cringe, I can guarantee you it’s not torturous and it will only pass the pleasure frontier to a potentially painful one if you wish so. Electrosex is a safe practice and entirely controlled by you and your partner.

Even if you set the control to maximum power, it will still deliver a safe electrical charge.

Electrosex devices

There are two types of devices used in electrosex.

There are e-stim devices that deliver the electrical current into your body using self-adhesive electrodes, which you place in specific areas of your body. From the reviews I read, if you insert the electrodes inside your vagina or anus you will have powerful orgasms (I’m curious!). This device is hands-free; you just need to adjust the intensity of the electric current and lay back, enjoying the pleasure.

The other e-stim device used in electrosex is the one I can talk about from experience – Mr P., my lover, has one and, of course, I’ve tried it (and loved it.) Unlike the one above, this device is not hands-free, which for me is a positive aspect, as I was able to navigate through my lover’s body, delivering him electric pleasure all over. But more about pleasure further on.

Image by the author, Emma London

The e-stim advice on the photo is a wand with tempered glass attachments, where the electrical charge passes by. Like the electrode device, you have control of the electrical intensity, in a small button on the wand. Also, each one of the four attachment gives you different intensity and playing options.

From left to right on the box in the picture, you can see these attachments: the comb, the tongue tube, a 90° probe and the mushroom tube.

I tried them all (I wouldn’t miss the chance), and my preference goes to the comb as it distributes the electric charge over vast areas of the body, and the mushroom as it’s more focused, but it also spreads the electrical energy a bit more than the other two options. The 90° and the tongue attachments deliver very concentrated sensations, which for me, were a bit strong to feel. I’m still new in electrosex, so I’ll build up my resistance and comfort.

My first experience with electrosex

First of all, I must admit when I saw the content of the box, I was a bit nervous. I’m not a fan of electricity. I got electrocuted when I was a kid, and the bad memories are still alive. But I’m not one to say no to potentially pleasurable experiences, so I went with it.

Mr P. turned the device on and tried it on himself first, so I could see it in action. Then he asked me to let him try the lower voltage on the palm of my hand. I stretched it to him, and when he delivered me the electrical sensation, I laughed. It was surprisingly pleasurable, a prickling sensation.

I asked if I could use it on him, which he agreed with a big smile on his face, he loves it.

My first experience with electrosex was immensely erotic.

I will savour the memory every time I recall it. I guess pleasurable first-times are always good remembrances, but my first time with electrosex goes beyond that, it was immensely erotic.

I starred my electrosex experience with me using the e-stim device on my lover, then I merged our pleasures, using it on both of us at the same time (so hot!) and then we swapped: him, using it on me.

Using the e-stim device on Mr P.

I asked him to lay on his back, and after he told me he has no preferences on the attachments, and I could use any intensity (he has a high threshold of pain), I felt safe to play with his body as I wished. I love that sensation.

I chose the comb attachment first, and I started using on Mr P.’s feet and made my way up on his body, swapping the attachments as I move towards his chest.

As I wrote in my piece about wax play, I am a visual person, and I find sex toys to have a peculiar beauty. This e-stim device is another one that made me fall in love. When you turn on the device, a bright electrical colour runs inside the attachment. Being made of glass, you have a magnificent neon spectacle.

Sex is a multisensorial experience, and this e-stim device adds a mesmerising visual stimulation.

By the time I reached Mr P.’s upper body**, I was already feeling confident with the device, I’ve tried all the attachments and realised in which potency, for him, the pleasure met pain, so I played with both sensations. He was so turned on; his body was squirming in pleasure. Which gets me all turned on; his pleasure always feeds mine.

I used the e-stim device and a feather, to intercalate sensations. Obviously, I also used my body; after all, it’s the best sex toy we have at our disposal. I licked his warm, excited body, I bit and licked his flesh, I passionately kissed his mouth. While delivering (unexpected) electric charges.

Using the e-stim device on both of us, simultaneously

Mr P. and I are entirely the opposite in what nipple sensitivity regards: I have very low sensitivity on them, and he’s hypersensitive.

As I said, I took my time exploring the device and using it on him. When I got to his chest, I had already understood how to use it and how it, indeed, wasn’t painful. A few times, I delivered the charge on my hand instead of his skin. I was getting comfortable with the idea of using it on myself. So, I had an idea…

I laid down on top of Mr P.’s body, and joined our nipples: my right one aligned with his left one. I had already set the device to a lower charge, and I was using the tear attachment. I brought it close and delivered the electrical charge on both our nipples at the same time. Let me tell you: it was so sexy and pleasurable! I did it a few more times, and then I stopped because he grabbed me by the hair and kissed me hard. He was so horny, he had to possess me, immediately.

Using the e-stim on myself

After we had hot, intense — should I say, electrified – sex, it was my time to be on the receiver end of the e-stim device.

I was also in my back, and he also started on my legs. Mr P. is great reading my body language, and he understands when my pleasure turns into pain, the same way the knows to read me when he reaches my pain boundary. Of course, I communicate verbally if a sensation is too much, but it’s rare I need to do it— he always starts soft, builds up the intensity of the pleasure-pain and holds back if he feels a borderline.

He also used all the attachments on me, but we narrow them down to the comb and the mushroom, in a low voltage.

In the lower voltage of the device, the sensation throughout my body was similar to pins and needles. Also, it feels different when he held the attachment over my skin and when he touched me with it. In the latter, the electric charge spreads over a wider area, and it’s deeper.

The sensation of the e-stim device on you it’s not only dermic, you feel it through your skin; it goes into your muscles, that contract and, depending on the intensity of the electrical charge, your body will react. At each stronger electric charge, I twisted — in a mix of pleasure and reaction to a completely new sensation.

The buzz sound that the device releases when turned on, was another stimulus to me. I had all my senses heightened. It was a fantastic experience.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same pleasurable reaction feeling the device on my genitals as Mr P. had when I used it on his. I jumped and came off the almost out-of-body sensation I was having. It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t wholly pleasurable. It felt weird. I guess it might have to do with the fact the female genitalia is extremely sensitive (the clitoris itself has 8.000 nerve endings), so electricity — a new sensation for me — had a strong impact, but not a sexualized one. So, we agreed that he wouldn’t use it in my genitals this time, we will try it again.

I think that with some sex toys, you learn to enjoy them in its full after using them a few times. I loved using an e-stim device over my body, but I will have to explore the sensations on my genitals to build up the pleasure.


First, read carefully the instructions of the device; not only how to use it but if there is any contraindication for you or your lover.

Secondly, being electrical equipment, obviously, there are health and safety recommendations, which will be clearly specified in the instructions. Read them and comply; don’t take any risks.

Also, manage the attachments with careful, they are glass, which means they can break easily. I didn’t have any difficulty in attaching and detaching them from the wand, but you must do it with care.

Finally, I recommend you use this e-stim device in a dim room, to have the full experience of it, not only physical but also visual: the neon glow is sublime! Mr P.’s device delivers the electrical charges in four different colours, one in each attachment: orange, red, blue and purple. It’s absolutely beautiful to watch!

In conclusion

One of the benefits I get from being a sex writer is that I learn a lot while researching. Before Mr P. introduced me to it, I’ve never heard about electrosex. After experimenting it, I had to write about it, of course. So, while doing my research to add useful information to this piece, I learned there are all sorts of electrified sex toys. From pinwheels to floggers, vibrators and butt plugs. It’s a new (electric) world to explore!

Which leads me to a downside of being a sex writer: my sex toys wishlist is getting so long, no way I can afford the promised land of pleasure.

About the electrosex — the same way as in any sexual experience- , I recommend you to explore it in its full. Our body is covered with nerve endings, we have so many erogenous zones, we usually go for the common ones, often neglecting important ones. Explore the e-stim device all over your lover’s body, experiment with all the attachments and intensities, find out what excites your lover the most. It will be certainly a shockingly unforgettable memory of pleasure.

** The e-stim device with electrodes is not meant to be used in the upper body, due to the proximity with the heart; the electrodes can interfere with the heart beating. The advice I used — the wand — has no contraindications in that matter. But always read the vendors information, carefully.

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