How to Make the Most of the Sex Toy ‘Feather Tickler’, by Emma London

How to Make the Most of the Sex Toy ‘Feather Tickler’

Gentle sensual play can be as arousing as intense play

I’m a sucker for sensorial play. Heightening the senses or depriving one (or more) of them is extremely arousing.

One thing I love about being a kinkster is the way my partner and I explore sex, with our plays and adventures. I love to be tied up while he flogs or spanks me, or to be blindfolded when he drops melted wax over my body.

It’s fun and immensely pleasurable to play with your senses.

There are a lot of ways to stimulate your senses, of receiving pleasure, either intensely — like with spanking — or gently, like having your lover’s fingers brushing your skin. Or using toys, like a feather tickler.

How to use a feather tickler

As the name suggests, a feather tickler is an instrument used for gentle sensory stimulation. This sex toy is nothing more than a stem with feathers (usually coloured ones) bounded together on the top.

There are several versions of it: you can choose between long or short stems, more or fewer feathers; thick layers or only a layer of two of feathers.

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The sensation of being tickled with the plumage of the toy is gentle, it’s a brushing on your skin. But this doesn’t mean its effect it’s gentle. In fact, it can be extraordinary deep, sensorial.

Unlike a flogger or a whip – where you must have some precautions – you can use a feather tickler with no worries of hurting or using it in a sensitive area of your partner’s body (as with impact play, where you need to stay away from the major organs.)

You can use this sex toy in any part of the body. You can focus only on one area (upper body, for example), or sweeping it all over your lover’s body, from head-to-toe.

Feather ticklers are versatile

Feather tickling is a sensual play. It stimulates the nerve endings on the body in a soft, erotised way.

You can use it while having your lover restrained in the bed (for example with handcuffs or a scarf) or with their body completely free. I love both versions.

You can play with a feather tickling in a romantic lovemaking session, you can introduce it as an “appetiser” in kinky play, or use it to intercalate sensations during impact play. For example, spank your partner a few times and then brush the same places of the body with the feather tickler. The bipolar sensation is spectacular!

Also, you can use the feather ticker applying different pressures: brush it softly or pressure harder in the skin, even tapping it on the body. Read your lover’s body language and go with it.

Sex toys are always an excellent way to spice your relationship, to bring novelty to it.

You have an immense offer of sex toys, from those who deliver more intense pleasure to those, as the feather tickler, that offers a gentle stimulation.

My suggestion is for you to try a few toys and see how you feel with each one of them; to explore your senses in all its potential.

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