Sex Should Also Be Fun. So, Why not Trying Edible Lingerie?, by Emma London

Sex Should Also Be Fun. So, Why not Trying Edible Lingerie?

My first experience with edible lingerie was so fun and sensual.

I love sex. I love it in every shape or form. I lose myself in a romantic, involving love-making session, the same way I get wildly pleased in a kinky one.

I am by nature a fun person. When I was in the dating pool, one of my deal breakers was guys having a poor sense of humour.

It’s rare you don’t see a smile on my face. I love pranks, jokes, and adventures. Anything that has the potential of making me laugh is a winner. And this also applies to sex.

If you’ve been reading my work, you know I’m a sucker for sex toys and sexual props. My wish list is massive (much bigger than my bank account allows) and edible lingerie was one item.

A few days ago, I ordered a set of edible underwear and I offered myself to my partner.

Like me, he is open to experimenting with anything and it’s rare for him not to enjoy something new.

I’m a true believer that having a healthy sex life is a predictor of a healthy relationship. Of course, I don’t put everything on sex, but certainly, it’s a heavyweight.

Have you ever knew anyone happy in their relationship without a fulfilled sex life? (independently of what that means to them.)

I’ve met couples who are companionship, who are best friends, and who claim to be happy together. But they can’t say they have a fulfilled relationship because they aren’t sexually happy. For a long time, I was one of them.

Novelty in sex is a way to promote a healthy sex life

Anything that breaks the routine has the power to boost your dynamics and strengthen your relationship.

For me, sexual novelty also includes bringing new toys to the bedroom. And this time, I did it with edible lingerie.

How edible lingerie will spice your sex life

During sex, all your senses are active.

Even if you’re playing with sensory depriving (for example with blindfolds or handcuffs), that will trigger a more powerful sensorial experience.

We often neglect taste during sex, and many of us associate this sense merely with food play. But we shouldn’t. We can tease our sense of taste in sex in many ways.

Edible lingerie is mostly a sensory experience for your taste, but it’s also visual.

It might not be as sexy as your partner being in candy lingerie rather than a laced one. Still, it’s fun and promising.

Looking at your partner dressed up in something you know you can undress with your mouth… how hot is that?

What is edible lingerie?

As the name shows, edible lingerie is underwear you can eat. They are made of candy. Remember those candy necklaces we ate as kids? It’s that.

If you go to a sex shop, you will certainly find edible lingerie, for women and man. The most common are g-strings, bras, nipple tassels and a posing pouch. 

My research showed me other types of edible lingerie, but the reviews weren’t so positive, so I’ll stick with the candy one.

Sweet up your foreplay!

When I entered the room dressed up in candy, my partner started to laugh, but he couldn’t stop looking at me with hungry, hungry eyes.

Edible lingerie is an open invitation to oral sex. A very sweetened oral sex. And high caloric one, but who cares, it’s an exception.

The thing with this candy lingerie is that your body warmth will make it melt, so your body will become sweet and sticky.

I didn’t mind. But if you’re expecting a clean, deliciously sweet sex adventure, be warned that you’ll go for more than that.

My partner bit off each piece of my lingerie set (I bought the g-string and the nipple tassels) and besides the fun, we made it very erotic.

I gave him instructions on where to bite and sometimes I asked him to transfer the candies to my mouth. Some I ate, others I placed them on his body (mainly his penis) and ate them from him.

We had a lot of fun, and we shared lots of pleasure. We both love oral sex, and adding this sweetness to it was, undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience.

Note: you might want to have a glass of water nearby, the lingerie is really sweet.

Improving your sex life doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money on new sex toys or lingerie. 

Edible lingerie is very cheap and using them for your partner will give you both a new, sensual and fun experience.

Give it a try and let me know if you enjoyed it!

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