Sight is a Powerful Aphrodisiac, by Emma London

Sight is a Powerful Aphrodisiac

Sex is multisensorial, and sight is a powerful sense in desire

Sex is multisensorial. Even when you’re not intentionally heightening one or more of your senses (like with impact or temperature play), during sex, all your senses are active. Touch might be the one you’re more aware of, but your lover’s fragrance is in the air for you to absorb, their taste in your mouth, their sounds of pleasure flooding the room. Then we also have sight: the visualisation of pleasure.

I’m a visual person. For instance, at school, while my brother never took notes and had good grades, if I didn’t take them, I’d flunk: he had an extraordinary auditory memory, I have a visual one.

My sight has always played an important role in my life: I never remember people’s names (I’m so bad at it), but I never forget a face, even if I briefly spoke with the person years ago. I also have my surroundings organised, so my visual field is relaxing: I have a hard time focusing if I’m in a room with several visual stimulations like different colours, walls full of pictures, or objects randomly placed around. I need clean and coherent visual spaces. Don’t even get me started in having things hanging on the interior rear mirror of the car. It drives me crazy.

I recently discovered that I’m fascinated by the beauty of sex toys, the combination of its shapes with specific colours (purple, dark red and black) marvels me. I get immense pleasure in admiring them. This discovery and exploration added a delicious pinch of pleasure to my sexual experience. Last week Mr P., my lover, and I tried electrosex (I wrote about it here) and the neon glow that runs inside the glass attachments of the electric device it’s so beautiful that made all the experience much erotic.

Being a person that gets so stimulated through sight, you can have an idea of how seeing my lover in pleasure makes my body tremble.

Seeing my lover’s pleasure feeds my pleasure

I love to kiss with my eyes closed, to savour the taste of my lover’s mouth, to feel his hands over my body. But with Mr P., I make myself open my eyes; I have to see his face. His hungry eyes feed my arousal.

I also love to see his facial expression in pleasure. Mr P.’s has a kind of “rage-face” when he’s almost cumming when fucking me hard; it’s so hot to see it (I often use this specific facial expression as a stimulus when I’m masturbating.) But I also melt when I look into his lovely gaze, his warm staring when we are in deep, sweet connection.

Seeing my lover in pleasure is my aphrodisiac.

I also love to see my Mr P.’s body, when he’s laid in bed. Not for his so many tattoos, covering his skin (I love tattoos); but his body — him. Last week I handcuffed him to the bed, face down and I had a go with impact play: I flogged and paddled him; I ran the pinwheel in his spine, in his buttocks, while biting his body. My pleasure in dominating him came from seeing his pleasure, his body contorting in pleasure, his hands holding hard the cuffs, his face showing me how much he was loving it, how intensely he was feeling it.

I never met a man with such a chameleonic face: Mr P’s facial expressions change so deep, it’s fascinating. The first time I realised this intensity was when he was sat on the sofa and I started to make a striptease for him. His focus on me hardened, nothing else existed in that house, he had hunger in his eyes. But he didn’t act on it: he kept staring at me, taking my clothes off, piece by piece, while desiring me deeply. I could see the hungry for me, the sexual tension in his face.

Mr P. and I have an intense and raw physical attraction, and my body — my sexual presence, me offering myself to him — has an immense impact on him. His gaze completely changes, his eyes get hungry, his mouth twist in expectation, his focus on me is so intense that seems like if the earth shook under our feet, he wouldn’t take his eyes from me.

I had men desiring me before, but I never had a man demonstrating so powerfully his desire for me as Mr P. does. For someone as visual as I am, this turns me on like nothing else. I absorb his fixation in, I feed through it, and together, we build up an extraordinary sex desire. When our bodies (finally) meet, it’s cathartic.

Iuse all my senses in sex, but if I had to choose one, it would be sight. Even when I’m deprived of it (blindfolded) I’m extremely aroused. I’m using all my other senses, more focused, but because my sight is deprived.

It’s through sight that my lover shows me how much he desires me. It’s through sight that I have the raw, undeniable evidence of the impact I have on him, of the pleasure I give him. It’s also when our eyes meet that we talk, deeply — that we exchange unspoken emotions. That we feel each other.

Mr P. is a vocal lover, which also arouses me immensely, but it’s his “horny face” that tells me all I need to know about his pleasure. And it’s through his body reactions that I see his pleasure building up, to climax.

I love to touch, I love to inhale my lover’s fragrance, I love to taste him, and his moans are triggers for my arousal. But it’s seeing him in pleasure that makes my sexual experience more powerful.

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