Touch Me Here! (Stop Neglecting Important Erogenous Zones.), by Emma London

Touch Me Here! (Stop Neglecting Important Erogenous Zones.)

10 Erogenous Zones Hidden in Plain Sight

All bodies are different; we all react differently to touch, to a caress or a sexualized touch. But, in general, we all have similar erogenous zones. I emphasise “general”, because while some people curl their toes in pleasure when their lovers stimulate a zone; others barely offer a moan. For instance, I have much lower sensitivity on the nipples than my lover.

But let’s start by defining what an erogenous zone is:

An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may generate a sexual response, such as relaxation, sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm. — Source

Erogenous zones aren’t always a sexualized area; however, when stimulated, they will sexually arouse you.

The skin is covered with nerve endings; we have about 2 million of them on our dermis (source). It means we feel throughout our entire body.

Specific parts of your body will be more sensitive than others, depending on how many nerve endings it has. For example, the clitoris has over 8.000 nerve endings (twice as much as the penis), and each foot has 7.000. Depending on how many nerve endings are in a body part, you will be more or less sensitive.

But the amount of nerve endings is not the only factor that contributes to your level of sensitivity. Pain and pleasure are subjective; each individual has different thresholds for pain and different ways to be sexually aroused, even in their erogenous zones. Some people prefer a firm touch, others a soft one; some circular movements, others pressure.

The best way to discover your erogenous zones is to explore your body, alone or with your lover. It will be a fun and pleasurable exploration.

Knowing your erogenous zones improves your sex life

When having sex, we usually stimulate the most common erogenous zones, like the genitals, nipples, or neck. However, there are other areas in the body covered with thousands of nerve endings. This means we have an enormous variety of erogenous zones that you might be neglecting during sex.

By exploring all the potential your body has — all its hot spots — you will enrich your sex life. Not only because you’ll change your sexual routine, but you’ll also explore all the potential your body has: you will receive and give new ways of pleasure; you will acknowledge all the pleasure your body can feel. And the same regarding your lover.

By exploring all your erogenous zones, you will expand your sexual horizons; you will enrich your sex life.

Here are ten of the most unexplored erogenous zones. Take your time with your lover’s body and find out their hot spots. Enjoy their bodies in all its potential.

10 Erogenous zones hidden in plain sight

1. The palm of the hands and fingertips

It’s mainly through your hands you touch your lover; that you absorb their body. But your hands are also an extraordinary receiver of pleasure. Your fingertips have each one, over 3,000 touch receptors! (source) We are highly sensitive in this area.

Hands can be very erotic. Think about the sensation of your lover sucking and playing with your finger using their tongue. Exciting, right? If you bite, kiss or nibble the so sensitive fingertips, you will have a very responsive lover.

The centre of your palm hand is also an erogenous zone. Try to gently run your nail through it, in a circular motion and delight yourself with the reaction of your lover. To notch up a bit this sensual moment, do it while maintaining eye contact.

2. Toes and feet’s soles

Usually, people are very ticklish in their feet. However, the same nerves that make this area so sensitive are the same that makes it an erogenous area. Each sole of your feet has 200.000 nerve endings! (source)

Besides, according to reflexology principles, feet contain pressure points that correspond to different areas of our body, which, if properly stimulated, can lead to arousal.

Being a ticklish area, you might want to use a firm touch, with steady strokes when caressing your lover’s feet. Try to press your fingertips on your their soles and use a pulsing motion. You can use massage oil and give them a massage; it will definitely be a very sensual moment.

Also, don’t neglect the toes: nibbling, kissing and sucking them, one by one gives immense pleasure.

3. Small of the back (sacrum)

Despite being often neglected, your sacrum is an erogenous area. Its nerves are connected to your pelvis and genitals (source), so by stimulating this area, you are indirectly stimulating the most erogenous zone of the body.

You can stimulate the sacrum with your own body (fingers, tongue,…) or use a feather. If your lover is into something more adventurous, I suggest using a pinwheel or enjoy a sensual session of way play.

4. Armpits

Armpits are extremely sensitive. Like feet, the sensitivity that makes it a ticklish area is the same that makes it a hot spot.

Depending on the level of sensitivity in this area, you must adjust your touch and how you explore it. For instance, I am very ticklish on my armpits; I can only endure a firm touch or the tongue of my lover exploring it.

Also, extend your exploration through the inner arms; it’s also a very sensitive area. Try running your nails, your tongue, or a feather in your lover’s inner arms and rejoice to see their reaction.

5. Crook of the Arm

While you’re in the arm area, keep going until you reach the crook of the arm — it’s the opposite side of the elbow. Because it’s equally a body area where the skin is thin, the sensitivity is heightened; which makes it a potential erogenous zone.

Tickle your lover’s crook of the arm with a feather, lick it or suck it; I’m sure they will enjoy it a lot.

6. Inner Wrist

The inner wrist is another body part with a “rich sensory innervation” (source). It’s also a part that is usually neglected during foreplay.

Stimulate this area with smooth sensations as a feather or your tongue, an ice cube or even a pinwheel. But stop neglecting this erogenous zone!

7. The underside of the butt

This area is located right under the butt cheeks, and its skin is also more sensitive to touch than the rest of your body. Also, because its proximity to the genital area, it’s definitely a zone you want to explore and stimulate; it builds up arousal.

Use your finger to trace the line of the underside of the butt, run your tongue through it; deliver kisses and light bites (or not so light, if it’s your thing.)

8. Behind the knee

Like the inner wrist, the skin behind your knees is thin, which makes it more sensitive to touch. It’s also a nerve-rich area and often neglected by lovers.

You can start by stimulating your lover from the toes and feet, go up on their leg, stop in the back of their knee to stimulate through touch or a kind massage; keep working your way up through the very sensitive (and commonly explored erogenous area) inner thighs. The pleasure will be immense!

9. Scalp

I’m still to meet someone that doesn’t enjoy having their scalp massaged! This area can be incredibly arousing, as it’s also rich in nerve endings (source). Run your fingernails lightly over your lover’s scalp, paying particular attention to the area near the ears and the back of the neck — usually a highly erogenous zone (my most sensitive one, my lover calls it my ignition.)

10. Navel and lower stomach

The navel and the lower stomach it’s not usually seen as an erogenous area but, with the right stimulation, it can send your lover over the moon. Like it happens with the underside of the butt, besides its own sensitivity, because it’s also near to the genital area, it increases the pleasure.

This area is great for temperature play and also to use sex toys; to run your fingers or tongue down the skin, getting closer to the pelvic area… It’s very arousing.


Our skin, covering our full-body, has nerve endings throughout it. This means that each inch of your body is a potential erogenous zone.

When exploring your lover’s body, don’t go only for the major hot spots, like the genitals, the lips or inner thighs. Be adventurous, take your time touching their body, varying between a light touch and firm one, using your fingers, your tongue or sex toys. Read your lover’s reactions and keep doing more of what you see it’s having an arousing effect.

Exploring different erogenous areas is a way to bring some novelty to your sex life, I’m certain your lover will appreciate it immensely. And for sure will payback!

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