What About the Balls? (Are You Overlooking This Erogenous Zone?), by Emma London

What About the Balls? (Are You Overlooking This Erogenous Zone?)

5 techniques to sexually stimulate your partner’s testicles

I was surprised reading a piece claiming that, often in sex, man’s balls are overlooked, that their partners focus only on the penis, playing with the shaft and the tip, forgetting about the balls.

I’m a huge fan of my partner’s balls, I always include them in the sexual act and while I’m caressing his body. It’s part of him, so it’s a part of my pleasure-giving. And because I know he loves it, I always dedicate special attention to them, using different techniques.

How to sexually stimulate your lover’s balls

Some people might fear hurting their partner, as the balls are a very sensitive area. The best advice I can give is: communicate!

Either by asking how much pressure/sucking/squeezing is good enough or by reading your partner’s body language (he will contract if you go beyond pleasure).

If you wish to escalate the intensity of whatever you’re doing, do it gradually. This way, you will know your partner’s limits and, at the same time, you might offer him sensations so far unknown to him.

If you have any doubts about how to include your partner’s balls in sex, here are a few ideas:

1. Apply different sensorial techniques

You can play with the balls in many ways.

Gently caress them; cup them in your hands and move your fingers, so it feels like you’re massaging the balls with the palm of your hand; roll them between your fingers; slightly run your nails; squeeze them (pay attention to your partner’s reaction, lots of men just want soft touch in this area.)

Temperature play is also a fun way to stimulate your partner’s balls. When he’s already aroused, run ice over his balls. The contrast of his hot body temperature with the icy sensation it’s exciting.

Your mouth is also a source of immense pleasure; most man loves when their lover goes down on them.

A fantastic blowjob also includes the balls, not only the shaft and the tip. Use it not only to kiss and lick, be a bit more daring!

2. Use your mouth

When going down on your man, pay attention to his body language and, even better, ask him to talk you through and to stop you if you do anything not pleasurable.

Don’t forget that the nerve endings that flood him with pleasure are the same that cause him pain.

Put one ball in your mouth and slightly suck it -be careful with your teeth, make sure you don’t use them (unless your partner wants it.)

Alternate between his balls. While you do this — going from one ball to the other — use a broad tongue to lick his scrotum. Men usually love the sensation. While you’re there, grab the skin of the scrotum in between your lips, like a gentle warm pinching. I love to do this and run my tongue over the skin inside my mouth.

Explore his balls with your mouth: lick them and suck them. While doing it, you can keep the shaft stimulation with your hands, or you can also use them in the balls, cupping them while you mouth them.

Another technique you can try with is teabagging. Let me describe it for you:


Think about when you’re preparing your tea: you dip the tea bag into the mug, several times, in and out. Now imagine the mug is your mouth and the tea bags are your partner’s testicles.

Teabagging is another sexual stimulation to man’s balls, but, again, one that not everybody will appreciate, as some man prefers gentle touch or only licking.

This technique requires the man to have a more active role, as it will be him to dip the balls into your mouth.

You must be positioned below him, either lying down in bed (he will be on his knees, next to your face) or you kneel on the floor while he dips the balls into your mouth.

3. Use pressure

Using pressure in the men’s testicles is tricky, as it can quickly shift from pleasure to pain.

If you’re not sure about your partner’s pain threshold, start gently and add up the pressure, to a level you’re sure it’s pleasurable for him (ask him to guide you.)

A way to apply pressure into the men’s testicles is cupping them in your hand and close your grip around it. You can also press the palm of your hand against them, add some circular movements, it can be very pleasurable.

Communication is always the most important thing here. You want to stop before hurting your partner, so pay attention to his body language: when he suddenly reacts, stop! He might enjoy slight pressure or a harder one; it’s a discovery you’ll have to do together. How fun is that!?

4. Play with the scrotum and its septum

The scrotum is the muscular sac that holds and protects the testicles, and it’s a sensitive area as well, which means that playing with it will be arousing.

Besides using your touch to stimulate the scrotum, also use your mouth. Lick it, alternating with a hardened and a softened tongue; both options are very pleasurable. Suck it into your mouth and pinch it with your lips.

Also, play with the septum of the scrotum. Looking at the balls, you’ll see a line at the centre – that’s the septum. It’s a vertical ridge of tissue that divides the two compartments of the scrotum (source).

Run your thumb along the septum; feel it with your tongue; slightly run your nail through it. It’s also a sensitive area, so explore it, see how your man reacts when you stimulate it.

5. Add sex toys

There’s a wide range of sex toys to be used in men’s balls, but today I’ll stick to the vibrating ones.

If you have a vibrator or a magic wand, bring it to the fun. Set a lower setting vibration and place the toy over the balls. See how he reacts and if he enjoys it, move the vibrator along his balls, maybe increasing the intensity and vibration patterns (if available in your toy.)

If you want to go hands free, fit the toy under the balls, in a way that stimulates both his balls and his perineum. The vibration and pressure in this area will also stimulate his prostate, adding a delicious extra pleasure.

Having the vibrator in place, working on its own, you can continue with penile stimulation, doing a hand or a blowjob or you are free to explore other parts of your partner’s body. Your imagination has no limits here!

If you want to spice up a bit, you can add a different type of sex toys, but always ask your partner what he wants or would like to experiment.

My partner loves me to use an e-stim device on him, including on his balls (electrosex can be very pleasurable) and also the pinwheel, but he’s into a bit of pain during sex, so not all man will appreciate this kind of stimulation.

Ask your partner what his limits are; if there’s anything he’d like to try. Together, explore this extraordinary sensorial world.

In conclusion

The testicles are a very sensitive area, which makes them extremely erogenous.

Experiment with your partner, talk about how you can give him more pleasure. Try new sensations: add up some pressure, play with vibration and even different stimulus, like temperature play or a feather.

When it comes to testicles play, you have many options at your disposal: your tongue and your lips, the soft touch of your fingers or the pressure of your hands. You can play with teabagging or stick to licking. You can add sex toys or keep them away.

The golden rule in sex (as in everything in life) is communication: let your partner tell you what he prefers, how he likes to be stimulated in his testicles. From there, build up a reportorial; you have many delicious hot spots to explore and give him unforgettable pleasure.

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