Why The Missionary Sex Position Is So Incredibly Pleasurable (for Both), by Emma London

Why The Missionary Sex Position Is So Incredibly Pleasurable (for Both)

6 reasons that make missionary one of the best sex positions

Despite its poor reputation, missionary is a marvellous sex position.

If you’ve been reading my work, you know I like kinky sex. But you also know that despite loving BDSM scenes, I also love plain, vanilla sex.

The missionary may have a negative connotation for being “too vanilla”, but that’s far from being a bad thing.

Having sex in missionary it’s great; it gives incredible pleasure, for both partners.

Why missionary is such a pleasurable sex position

There are many reasons this position is so amazing. I’ve read a lot about it and trust me, it’s a favourite of many people — vanilla and kinky folks.

Let me give you the six major reasons I vouch for it:

1. It’s Intimate

Any position that puts you face to face with your partner increases intimacy.

There’s nothing more special, affectionate and connecting than looking into each other’s eyes while having sex, even if only a glance.

Another plus to this position is that you can kiss your partner, effortlessly.

Other positions allow you to exchange passionate and intimate kisses, but nothing so comfortable and close as with the missionary.

You are merged, your bodies are fully connected.

2. It’s versatile

There are several adaptations to the missionary position. But even maintaining its “original” version, there are many ways to make it a complete and versatile sex position.

For instance, by allowing both partners to have free hands, you can caress each other, either smooth and tenderness or more passionate.

To receive different stimulation (more angled), all that the bottom partner has to do is to wrap their legs around their partner’s back — one leg or both. They can pull their knees up or leave them around their partner’s waist.

If you’d like to try vanilla bondage, the missionary position is the perfect for it. The partner on the top just has to tie one or both of your wrists (or pinned them) and enjoy the love-making session with a spicy flavour.

Also, because the bottom person has free hands, they can navigate over their partner’s body. Even offer a bit of anal play, if they enjoy it.

3. It’s ideal for clitoral and G-spot stimulation

About 75% of women don’t orgasm merely through penetrative sex (source), we also need clitoral stimulation.

Despite the missionary position per se might don’t give all the stimulation one needs, with a few adjustments, women can have incredible orgasms only through penetration.

In the missionary position, not only the top partner’s pubic area will rub directly onto the clit (the person penetrating should do it intentionally, targeting that area), but if the bottom partner puts a pillow under her hips, the penis (or dildo) will penetrate from a lower angle, which hits more easily her G-spot.

4. It’s perfect for slow sex

Steamy, intense, hot sex is sensual and can send you to the moon and back. But so can slow sex.

As I wrote in this piece, slow sex it’s a more conscious way of connecting with your lover; it’s truly feeling the pleasure between you two, enjoying every bit of the moment.

Slow sex it’s about slowing down, to engage in a smooth, devoted and intimate way. The missionary position is perfect to do it. It allows you to have a profound, sensitive connection.

5. It’s ideal for when the bottom is in a lazy mood

I’m an active sexual partner. I love to be on top, to be in reverse cowgirl and to be active during doggy style. Or any position, to be honest. But sometimes I love to be a starfish.

When I’m in a lazy mood, and I wish my partner do all the job, the missionary position is just perfect.

Don’t judge me, I always compensate him. Later, he gets to be the starfish.

6. You can spice it up

As I said above, the missionary position is versatile. The bottom partner has free hands to navigate through the top’s body — unless if their hands are tied up.

And, if you want to spicy things a bit more, why not also restrain the bottom’s legs? It’s sexy and so arousing to be submissive to the person you trust.

The missionary position is not one where I usually use sex toys. Many people bring the magic wand to the fun, but I don’t seem to get the gist of it. For me, it’s just not comfortable.

The only toys I sometimes use while having sex in the missionary position is the cock ring or my bullet vibrator.

These two sex toys are undoubtedly the best friends for vulva owners that don’t orgasm easily. Having their partner thrusting them while having their clit stimulated with vibration is an “OMG” moment.

I love pretty much everything about sex. For me, every position has its strong points, and only a few also have something “not-so-good”. But the missionary is all positive. There’s nothing about this sex position that I don’t love.

It’s not as intense and submissive as being in the doggy style, or as powerful and dominating as the cowgirl. In the missionary, we are eye to eye, and that is lovely.

I don’t know where its poor reputation came from. I see nothing wrong in being “too vanilla” (what even does that mean?)

The only thing that would make it boring is if every time I’d have sex it would be in missionary. But I’d have the same feeling regarding any position.

I like variety; I like to move and experiment with several positions during sex, each one offers me and my partner different stimulations.

For me, the missionary position is always a go-to position. It brings me closer to my partner. I can touch his skin, look into his eyes, kiss his sexy mouth. It’s a perfect position, and I dare you to tell me I’m wrong.

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