Your Body is the Best Sex Toy on Your Toolbox, by Emma London

Your Body is the Best Sex Toy on Your Toolbox

Sex toys spicy up your sex life, but your body provides the best pleasure of all

When you think about sex, my guess is that pleasure, arousal, and sexy good memories jump into your mind.

Sex is about fun, enjoyment, physical connection and, for some, an emotional bonding.

In the right context, sexual behavior is arguably the most pleasurable experience a human can have.

Emily Nagoski, in Come as you are

Sex is diversity: it can happen outdoors or indoors, with two people or a group; made in a darkened room or in daylight; with entangled bodies or bondage ones; using merely the body or having toys as a complement.

As long as it’s consensual, sex is whatever you make of it.

I love sex toys, it’s a way of experimenting with different sensations, of exploring my limits (of pleasure and pain) and a mean to great laughs, especially when my boyfriend, Mr P., brings the cane to the scene — I have a love-hate relationship with this toy, so whenever we use it, there’s a wrestling session, me trying to steal it from him but not really wanting to do it.

Mr P. and I explore our bodies and pleasures in many ways. I recently started exploring BDSM, so I’ve been experiencing borderline sensations. I’ve been introduced to many sex toys and physical sensations.

Either using paddles, floggers, pinwheels, feathers, handcuffs, or candles, I’m amazed by how the body inputs so different sensations, and also amazed how pain carries pleasure (I’m still exploring my pain-pleasure thresholds, which is part of the fun.)

There is an incredible sensory world to explore with sex toys.

But as much as I’m having the best sex of my life, there’s one thing I never neglect: my own body as a tool for sex, as a mean for pleasure.

Sex toys spice your sex life; they offer you distinctive sensations. But your body will always be a receptor and a giver of pleasure — your skin, your touch, warmth and fragrance, and your voice, are the best sex instrument you possess.

Sex toys are a tool for pleasure. Personally, they make my sex much more exciting and pleasurable. But I would never abdicate of the sensations that my lover’s body offers me: the touch of his skin, his hungry kisses and aroused eyes staring at mine, in connection and desire.

I would never be excited without the sounds of his irregular breathing and moans, and his sex talk, that fills the room with extraordinary sex energy. I could never build up my orgasm without him kissing my neck, biting my shoulder, or pulling my hair; not without his hands feeling my curves and teasing my erogenous zones.

We are sensorial creatures, our skin is our biggest organ, where our sensorial nerves are located. Our skin is the primary source of pleasure; it hungers for touch and nourishment: a caress, a hug, a kiss, or a spanking.

Exploring the skin — your body — with other body is one of the best sensations one can have.

Each of our five physical senses — touch, smell, taste, vision and audition — play a role when you’re having sex, either actively or by omission (like when blindfolded, your other senses are heightened).

Sex toys will trigger and pleasure senses in a unique way, but they will never replace your lover’s body (or yours, when you’re masturbating.)

Sex toys are a complement. Your body will always be the best toy you can use in sex.

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